About me

About me
Photo by Sebastian Svenson / Unsplash

Design background

I am a versatile and well-rounded UX/UI designer proficient in various disciplines, possessing a comprehensive grasp of research and design. My passion for design, automobiles, technology, and gadgets initially led me to industrial design. As my journey progressed, I ventured UX/UI design, utilizing Adobe Suite to create digital and print assets, and employing tools such as Sketch, Figma, Framer, and HTML/CSS/JS to develop website and app mockups. Leveraging my knowledge and background, I am confident in my ability to address intricate problems by employing design thinking, industrial design, graphic design, and user experience design methodologies. My ultimate aim is to meet or surpass business objectives and demands, while simultaneously providing users with gratifying and intuitive experiences.

Design process

I employ a combination of Design Thinking, UX methodologies, analytical business strategies, and technology forecasting to craft distinctive and innovative experiences for products and services. It encompasses a brainstorming phase where the primary issue is identified, and pertinent information is gathered to form a comprehensive case study. This is followed by extensive research to construct user personas, which serve as a guiding framework for creating questionnaires, conducting surveys, usability testing, and interviews to uncover users' needs. With the information gathered, I start with my design process by generating ideas and progressing through the stages of low, mid, and high-fidelity wireframes to create prototypes. The final phase entails developing a user journey and experience map, complemented by a functional prototype that demonstrates how the product and/or services address the core problem at hand.


As I've mentioned in my homepage, I am an avid learner and is constantly learning new things every day. As a result, I have acquired a broad range of knowledge and tools:

Visual Design

Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, & XD, Apple Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), Brand Development & Guidelines, Color Theory, Fluent Design, Framer, Grids, Iconography, Interface (UI) Design, Invision, Layout, Material Design, Mobile App Design, Mood Boards, Photography, Process, Sketch, Sketching, Typography, Visual Hierarchy

UX Design & Research

Axure, Case Studies, Card Sorting, Collaboration, Competitive Analysis & Evaluation, Complex Design Systems, Contextual Inquiry, Dashboard (B2B & B2C) Design, Desktop App Design, Diagramming, Ethnographic Research, Figma, Google Analytics, Heat Maps (HotJar, Microsoft Clarity), Heuristic Evaluation, Prototyping, Personas, User Journey, Experience & Scenario Maps, Sitemaps, Responsive Design, Specifications, Surveying, Task & User Flows, Usability Testing, Web App Design, Wireframes


Adobe Acrobat, Agile & SCRUM, Bootstrap, Confluence, Cloud Gaming, Design System, Docker, Flutter, Ghost, HTML/CSS/JS, HubSpot, JIRA, MailChimp, Material Design for Web, Office Suite, Oxygen Builder, Product Design, Product Management, Slack, Squarespace, Swift UI, Responsive Design, Team-building & Leadership, WordPress

Project management

My experience aligns seamlessly with the AGILE methodology due to its collaborative and iterative approach. As a well-rounded UX/UI designer, I have honed my skills in adapting to changing requirements and delivering results in a dynamic environment. AGILE's emphasis on continuous improvement and flexibility resonates with my ability to quickly grasp project goals and adjust my design process accordingly. I thrive in cross-functional teams, where open communication and collaboration are essential. My background in research and design enables me to gather user feedback effectively and incorporate it into iterative design cycles.